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MP3: Sheck Wes – Aromantic

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The “MUDBOY” rapper’s new album is coming out soon.

Sheck Wes is doing a lot of musical promo for his upcoming album, Hell 2 Paradise, which is set to include more than 20 tracks. While many might be inclined to call Sheck Wes a “one-hit wonder” after the success of 2018’s “MO BAMBA”, the rapper has been working his way back into the public eye since the release of the popular single a few years ago. After appearing on the 2019 Cactus Jack collaboration album JACKBOYS, people began to expect more from the New York rapper.

“Aromantic” would typically describe a person who has no interest in romantic relationships, and Sheck Wes certainly seems to be airing out his grievances against love on the single. He says he doesn’t want love because he’s just trying to get rich, something he’s been praying about for quite some time. Sheck Wes raps about his tribulations with relationships over a fast, hard-hitting beat, which will be familiar for fans of his intense style.

Most recently, Sheck Wes has been in the news for crashing his $300,000 Lamborghini Huracán after smashing into a divider when he hydroplaned. He didn’t seem to mind, though, dancing in an Instagram video he posted right after.

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