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MP3: Mario Judah – I Cannot Love You




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After some bizarre social media posts, it appears as though Mario Judah was just promoting his new song “I Cannot Love You.”
Mario Judah caught a lot of flack earlier today after clips from a recent Instagram Live went viral. Over the course of the last few days, Judah has been complaining of a woman who broke his heart and on the IG Live, he seemingly beat his ex, or at least that’s what he wanted people to believe. Well, as it turns out, the whole ordeal was just a ploy for some promo as just minutes ago, Judah released a brand new song called “I Cannot Love You.”

The track features Judah’s signature metal vocals over a trap beat. In the music video, Judah can be seen strangling a body bag, which we can only believe is meant to signify his “dead ex.” It’s clear that from the very beginning, Judah was trying to tell a story here although the distastefulness of said story has left a lot of people feeling like Judah didn’t have to do all of this.

Download this track for free, listen and share your thoughts about it.

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